Women Exhibition

Women Exhibition


Bundelkhand Art Society started its new project on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. We dedicate this entire program to Jhansi Ki Rani (Queen of Jhansi) Rani Laxmi Bai. Her Childhood name-‘Manu’ is used as the title of this the show which is representing the whole womanhood.

For us, Manu is the name of sacrifice, Manu is the name of love, Manu is the name of patriotism, Manu is the name of bravery, Manu is the name of dedication, & Manu is the name of dutifulness. This great personality has taken the dignity & greatness of the whole womanhood to a new highest level.  So Manu (Queen of Jhansi) is the real role model of every woman.

Bundelkhand art Society has launched this first exhibition only for women artists from all around the world. We are celebrating International Women’s Day through this exhibition.

Gold Medal

The Society has five gold medals in this exhibition to promote and encourage the women artists. There is no contest & and ranking among these gold medals. These will be on the basis of experience and quality of work.

The Manu Award of Honor

On the prestigious occasion of International Women’s Day, the Society started a tradition to honor 3 Women other than of the art field who have extraordinary contributions in their field.

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